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Controlled Burning

Controlled burning is the application of fire within a specific area, under ideal conditions, to meet land management objectives. Each burn is carefully planned and closely monitored by trained and experienced personnel. Prescribed burn, controlled burn, prescribed fire – they’re different terms but all mean the same thing.​

Burning is often a more cost-effective way to manage vegetation when compared to bulldozing, cutting, or using chemicals. Properly managed prescribed burns can improve your land, whether it is forest, pasture or prairie by:

  • Improving habitat for wildlife including deer, turkey, and quail

  • Reducing underbrush that can make wildfires more intense

  • Minimizing the spread of pests and disease

  • Removing undesired species that threaten native plants

  • Returning nutrients back into the soil

  • Promoting growth of trees, wildflowers and other plants

Steep Creek is fully insured with commercial liability insurance for prescribed burning.

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